Full Freeview Channels in Chambercombe, Ilfracombe

We were called to a house this week in Chambercombe, Ilfracombe to diagnose their TV reception. They were only able to receive the public service channels (BBC, ITV, 4,5) and not the full freeview service with all the commercial channels  (ITV3, Movie Mix, Drama, 4 Music, etc.)

Ilfracombe doesn’t have its own transmitter for the full freeview service, only a cut down service, so your aerial must be pointed across the water towards Wales. Luckily, most of Ilfracombe has a good view across the water and is able to get a signal easily.

We installed a small aerial on their wall to replace an aging Group A aerial, and pointed it at Presely.

We tuned in the full freeview line up on their TVs, and were also able to tune in the local region TV channels (Spotlight, Westcountry).


Chimney Installation in Weare Giffard, Bideford

We were called to a property in Weare Giffard, near Bideford, and when we arrived the house was in a very deep valley, surrounded by hills and trees. The property next door actually had a pole at the top of their steep garden for reception of Caradon Hill!

We installed an 18 element group C/D aerial for the Huntshaw Cross transmitter which is only several miles away but over some big hills. We had to use a fairly large chimney bracket and 10ft pole to clear some trees, and give the strongest signal possible in this difficult reception area. We also used a 27dB mast head amplifier to give the strongest signal possible down the best quality cable.

We were able to achieve a great signal for the customer.

TV Reception problems in Georgeham

Today we repaired a TV aerial installation on a cottage in Georgeham, their signal was very poor and unwatchable. We went up on their roof and inspected their set up to find a very old unserviceable masthead amplifier which we replaced. Also the power supply needed replacing.

If your reception has degraded, then call Croyde Aerials on 07973139804 for an assessment of your current equipment.

Freeview Aerial Installation in Slade, Ilfracombe

Today we installed a TV aerial system for a customer in Slade, Ilfracombe.

They were getting a great amount of break up and interference on their television, so we put our analyser on the end of the aerial cable at the back of their TV. We found that they were getting a good signal from Carmel, the main transmitter over in South Wales, but the Ilfracombe relay is on the same frequencies as 3 of the multiplexes from Carmel, so this was interfering with their reception of Welsh channels from Carmel (and vice versa for anyone receiving the Ilfracombe relay).

We therefore installed a high gain Group A aerial to receive Kilvey Hill, in Swansea, which is closer and was slightly stronger than Carmel.

The customer was happy with the signal we gave them – it was showing 100% quality on every channel, with a 60dBuV signal reading on all TVs which is an ideal signal strength for Freeview reception in Ilfracombe.

We also experimented with a satellite dish at their location, but, like at many places in Slade, a satellite/Sky or Freesat signal was not possible at their home because they are way down in Slade valley, surrounded by hills.

We experimented with a group C/D aerial for the Ilfracombe relay, to give the customer the local region of BBC1 and ITV, but unfortunately this was not possible, even though we tried nulling out the welsh transmissions on the same frequency, the signals being received from across the water were too great.

Anyone receiving Freeview on the west side of Ilfracombe, particularly in the Slade valley, should be receiving Kilvey Hill where possible. This is a group A vertical polarised transmitter and will give much better results than Carmel as there are no other transmitters on the same frequencies which are within reception range.

Croyde Aerials can arrange an assessment, and a free quote of your reception needs – call us today on 07973 139804. We really are the Ilfracombe TV reception experts!


Full Channel Line-up Freeview Aerial Installation in Loft in Georgeham

We installed an aerial in a customer’s loft in Georgeham for the full Freeview channel line-up.

Most other properties in the area had their aerials outside, but since the signal strength was strong enough, and due to the customer’s wishes, we were able to make a very neat aerial installation in their loft!

We set up a tri-boom high-gain aerial on a loft bracket hanging from the rafters. The signal strength read about 43dBuV at this point, so we added an 18dB group C/D masthead amplifier. This brought the signal up to 56-58dBuV at the television taking into consideration the signal loss on the coax cable. This signal strength is ideal for good Freeview reception.

The customer was very happy, they had never been able to receive the full freeview lineup before – previously receiving their signal from the Croyde relay transmitter which only gives a limited amount of channels.


Freeview Aerial Installation in Croyde after big winter storms

Today we installed a new aerial, mast and bracketry for a customer in Croyde who had suffered from the latest winter storms.

Their aerial had blown down (which was previously installed on the fascia board), and was hanging on the cable and rubbing on the fascia and woodwork.

We removed the aerial and cut the damaged cable back to the point where it was sound, then installed a new standoff bracket on the brickwork, and installed a 6ft pole to see over the roof, and installed an Antiference XG5 aerial for the Croyde relay mast.

The customer was very happy with the service we provided!


Another Neat Sky Dish Installation in Georgeham

Today we installed a satellite dish to a property in Georgeham.

Their dish was very old and rusty and was mounted on the wall using various brackets and ironwork, which we removed and installed the dish directly to the wall resulting in a perfect signal for the customer.


Freesat Dish Replacement in Croyde

Today we replaced a couple of satellite dishes on houses in Croyde. The existing cabling was in sound condition and already in place, so this kept the cost minimal for the customer.

We replaced the dish within an hour.


Working at Height Training

On Monday of this week, our engineers undertook their Working at heights training, which they top up every two years, which means they are fully qualified to work at height, and give our customers peace of mind that the job will be undertaken safely and securely.

Freeview installation in Berrynarbor

We were today out installing a freeview aerial for a customer in the small village of Berrynarbor near Combe Martin.

They lived in the lowest part of Berrynarbor, but were still able to get a very good signal from the Berrynarbor Freeview TV relay transmitter for the local region news, and the Carmel Full Freeview TV transmitter situated in south wales for the full package of Freeview channels. We manually tuned their Freeview TV into the channels to give them the local channels and the full package of channels.

As usual, the customer was very pleased with our installation, and were pleased at our very professional service.