WiFi Broadband installation in North Devon

Here at Croyde Aerials, we also specialise in providing Broadband solutions to challenging parts of North Devon, where signals and broadband speeds are poor. We install WiFi “hotspots”, which can give blanket coverage over a site, such as schools, farms, workplaces, and holiday parks.

We have carried out many WiFi installations around North Devon, providing fast broadband speeds via WiFi, and increasing coverage not just in your home but in commercial environments as well.


We can install the wireless infrastructure into your site to give full strong superfast wireless broadband coverage to iPads, iPhones, laptops etc, using outdoor Access Points, parabolic point-to-point links, and can even link up two premises 10 miles away from each other (subject to line-of-sight) using Wireless technology, enabling you to have one landline super-fast broadband connection to your premises, and distribute it around all your properties (where possible.)

If you would like to talk to us on your WiFi coverage requirements, then please get in touch on 07973 139804 today. We are North Devon’s WiFi broadband signal specialists!


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