Freeview Aerial Installation in Slade, Ilfracombe

Today we installed a TV aerial system for a customer in Slade, Ilfracombe.

They were getting a great amount of break up and interference on their television, so we put our analyser on the end of the aerial cable at the back of their TV. We found that they were getting a good signal from Carmel, the main transmitter over in South Wales, but the Ilfracombe relay is on the same frequencies as 3 of the multiplexes from Carmel, so this was interfering with their reception of Welsh channels from Carmel (and vice versa for anyone receiving the Ilfracombe relay).

We therefore installed a high gain Group A aerial to receive Kilvey Hill, in Swansea, which is closer and was slightly stronger than Carmel.

The customer was happy with the signal we gave them – it was showing 100% quality on every channel, with a 60dBuV signal reading on all TVs which is an ideal signal strength for Freeview reception in Ilfracombe.

We also experimented with a satellite dish at their location, but, like at many places in Slade, a satellite/Sky or Freesat signal was not possible at their home because they are way down in Slade valley, surrounded by hills.

We experimented with a group C/D aerial for the Ilfracombe relay, to give the customer the local region of BBC1 and ITV, but unfortunately this was not possible, even though we tried nulling out the welsh transmissions on the same frequency, the signals being received from across the water were too great.

Anyone receiving Freeview on the west side of Ilfracombe, particularly in the Slade valley, should be receiving Kilvey Hill where possible. This is a group A vertical polarised transmitter and will give much better results than Carmel as there are no other transmitters on the same frequencies which are within reception range.

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