FM / DAB Radio Aerials


If you need a new FM or DAB digital aerial installed, we can help you. Croyde Aerials specialise in installing and repairing radio and TV aerials. We have over 10 years experience, meaning that you can trust us to give you the right advice and the most professional service.

For more information call us today on 07973 139804, or keep reading to learn more about FM DAB radio aerials North Devon installation.

Why You Need a DAB Digital Radio Aerial

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is the future of radio broadcasting. It offers a wider choice of radio channels with a crisp, interference free signal, giving you the best radio listening experience.

Whether you enjoy local or national radio, a DAB aerial gives you access to a superb choice of radio stations across the country. All you need is a DAB tuner or receiver.

Perhaps you live in an area where your FM signal is poor or crackly? Perhaps you are looking to access a wider choice of stations including BBC 6 Music, Absolute 80s, BBC Radio 1 Xtra, Planet Rock and Smooth Radio 70s? Perhaps you are simply looking to improve your radio listening experience?

Whatever you are looking for, we can help. Our professional, trained engineers can not only give you advice on the best aerial choice for you, but can also install your new radio aerial.

Book an installation today by calling Croyde Aerials on 07973 139804.

The Benefits of FM Aerials

To listen to high quality, crackle-free FM radio it is vital that you have the best aerial. If your aerial is not working properly, or you have a low quality FM aerial, the sound quality and reception can be poor or intermittent.

FM aerials are still popular with millions of radio listeners. Lots of people still have FM radios and demand a high quality FM stereo radio reception. You can join them by having a FM aerial fitted today. All you will need to receive great quality FM radio is a FM tuner or receiver.

Croyde Aerials specialise in installing and maintaining FM aerials. We can advise you on the right aerial for you, arrange a convenient time to come out to your home and install your aerial with the minimum of fuss. We also think you will be surprised at how little a great FM aerial costs.

To find out more, please call now on 07973 139804, or use ourĀ contact page.

We Are Your FM DAB Radio Aerials Installation Experts

We have been installing FM, DAB radio aerials for over 10 years, so when you call us, you know you are speaking to one of North Devon’s most trusted aerial experts. We offer a wide choice of both external and loft-based radio aerials and can fit an aerial to your wall or chimney.

We will tailor the installation to your needs and do it safely, tidily and at a time convenient to you.
We can also fit your FM, DAB radio aerials at the same time that we install your new TV aerial, satellite system or digital TV service.

Find out more about how you can benefit from superb radio reception by calling us now on 07973 139804.


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