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Are you looking to increase your choice of TV channels without paying a monthly subscription?  Do you live in an area where Freeview reception through a TV Aerial is difficult? If so, let us install Freesat for you today.

Freesat Installation in North Devon

Freesat is the ideal choice if you live in an area which has a very poor Freeview (through an aerial) signal. If you live in Croyde, Georgeham, Knowle, Woolacombe, Lee, Slade, Ilfracombe and have poor Freeview reception, you will benefit from a Freesat dish installation, as these areas are the parts of North Devon where the majority of properties receive a poor Freeview signal from a local transmitter or a limited number of channels.

Freesat is a digital TV service with no monthly subscription, allowing you access to dozens of entertainment and HD digital television channels through a digital box. You will benefit from a choice of over 150 TV, radio and interactive channels dedicated to entertainment, movies, news, sport and lifestyle.

In Lynton and Lynmouth, the benefit of Freesat is receiving the channels with the correct region for North Devon – the local TV relay transmitter for Lynton gives Bristol region news, and the other available signals come from across the water in Wales, from Wenvoe. If you live in Lynton and Lynmouth and wish to receive the Spotlight (Plymouth) region news, then you will really benefit from having a satellite dish installed to receive all the popular Freeview channels and the correct news region.

Our trained, experienced engineers will come to your home and undertake a survey of your needs. They will provide an estimate of cost and can often undertake the work there and then. They will even show you how to get the most out of your Freesat system.

Our service is backed up by our vast knowledge and experience. What are you waiting for? Call Croyde Aerials today on 07973 139804 to arrange your Freesat installation in North Devon through Croyde Aerials.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of Freesat.

Your Freesat Choices

We have access to all the latest state of the art Freesat systems, and will install the most appropriate box for your needs. We make Freesat Installation a breeze.

So, what are your Freesat installation choices?


Freesat gives you over 150 TV and radio channels including BBC3, BBC4, Film 4, ITV2, CBeebies, BBC News, Horror Channel, 5 USA and CNN. There are dozens of channels dedicated to entertainment, sport and music as well as loads of great kids channels. You can also access a wide range of digital radio stations including BBC 6 Music, 5 Live Sports Extra and XFM.

Freesat HD

Freesat HD provides the same great range of channels, as well as offering many in high definition. High definition channels include BBC HD, 4 HD and ITV1 HD.

If you have an HD TV, this system lets you watch your favourite channels in sparkling high definition.

Freesat Plus

With Freesat Plus, you can pause, record and rewind live TV. You can store up to 300 hours of programmes when recorded in standard definition and up to 80 hours of HD television. You can press pause on a channel to make a cup of tea, rewind a channel to watch a scene again and record your favourite programme to watch it at a time convenient to you.

Freesat Plus allows you to watch what you want, when you want.We offer a great range of Freesat boxes suitable for your viewing habits and your budget.

Call us on 07973 139804 to learn more.

Choosing Us for Your Freesat Installation

If you are looking to get the best digital TV, give us a call on 07973 139804. We have been installing satellite and digital TV since the technology was developed, so there is nothing our engineers do not know about Freesat installation in North Devon.

We offer a great choice of Freesat boxes, advice on the right system for you, and we can also install your digital TV aerial.

Croyde Aerials are the Freesat installation specialists.

Book your installation now by calling 07973 139804 or using our contact form.



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