Full Channel Line-up Freeview Aerial Installation in Loft in Georgeham

We installed an aerial in a customer’s loft in Georgeham for the full Freeview channel line-up.

Most other properties in the area had their aerials outside, but since the signal strength was strong enough, and due to the customer’s wishes, we were able to make a very neat aerial installation in their loft!

We set up a tri-boom high-gain aerial on a loft bracket hanging from the rafters. The signal strength read about 43dBuV at this point, so we added an 18dB group C/D masthead amplifier. This brought the signal up to 56-58dBuV at the television taking into consideration the signal loss on the coax cable. This signal strength is ideal for good Freeview reception.

The customer was very happy, they had never been able to receive the full freeview lineup before – previously receiving their signal from the Croyde relay transmitter which only gives a limited amount of channels.


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