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If you are looking to benefit from a wide range of digital TV channels, and radio stations without paying a monthly subscription, Freeview could be for you. It offers a great choice of TV channels including BBC3, ITV2, More 4, CBeebies, CNN, Dave and BBC News. It also gives you access to a superb range of digital radio stations including BBC 6 Music, Absolute Radio, 5 Live Sports Extra and, Smooth Radio, and some Freeview systems also allow you to pause, record and rewind live television.

With several Freeview options including HD and Freeview + choices, Croyde Aerials can advise you on the right system for you. We have been installing TV aerials for Freeview systems since the technology was developed, so you can trust us to supply and install your system, and we will not leave before we have shown you and your family how to get the most out of your new Freeview system.

To book your Freeview installation, call us today on 07973 139804, or keep reading to learn more about the benefits of TV aerials for Freeview in North Devon.

Freeview – Great Choice of Channels With No Monthly Fee

Freeview is a fantastic system that gives you a range of digital services though an aerial and a set-top box. Unlike some other digital TV services, you do not have to pay a monthly direct debit.

We are Freeview specialists, and can advise you on the best Freeview system for you from options including:

Freeview – A great range of digital TV and radio channels including all the terrestrial channels and dozens of others including Dave, Film 4, ITV3, E4, Challenge, 5 USA and CBeebies

Freeview HD  – A great range of channels and a number of leading high definition (HD) channels such as BBC1, ITV and Channel 4

Freeview + – A superb range of digital TV and radio channels and the ability to pause and rewind live television. You can record one show and watch another and even use the ‘series link’ option so you never miss an episode of your favourite show

When you book an appointment with Croyde Aerials, we will talk you through your various set top box options. We will give you advice on the right box for you, and our experienced, reliable engineers will install your digital aerial and set-top box. Often, we can do this on the same day, and once your aerial and set-top box are installed, we will even show you how you and your family can get the most out of your new Freeview system.

If you want to get the most from your digital TV, talk to us now on 07973 139804!

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