Full Freeview Channels in Chambercombe, Ilfracombe

We were called to a house this week in Chambercombe, Ilfracombe to diagnose their TV reception. They were only able to receive the public service channels (BBC, ITV, 4,5) and not the full freeview service with all the commercial channels  (ITV3, Movie Mix, Drama, 4 Music, etc.)

Ilfracombe doesn’t have its own transmitter for the full freeview service, only a cut down service, so your aerial must be pointed across the water towards Wales. Luckily, most of Ilfracombe has a good view across the water and is able to get a signal easily.

We installed a small aerial on their wall to replace an aging Group A aerial, and pointed it at Presely.

We tuned in the full freeview line up on their TVs, and were also able to tune in the local region TV channels (Spotlight, Westcountry).


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