YouView Freeview HD Aerial Installation in Bideford


Today we installed a TV aerial and YouView Freeview HD box in East-the-Water Bideford.

East-the-Water, Bideford is a notoriously difficult place for TV reception, as it is at the bottom of a valley across the bridge from Bideford Town Centre.

We therefore advised the customer we would have to install a TV aerial on their roof, and carried out the installation to a high standard, with all the correct safety procedures and protective equipment. This is necessary when working at height, and something which Croyde Aerials take very seriously for the installer’s (and customer’s) peace of mind.

A high gain Antiference Group C/D aerial was installed on their roof pointing towards the Huntshaw Cross transmitter, some 6 miles away over the hills.

The installation was fitted with a group C/D masthead amplifier, to boost the signal at the aerial before the cable run down into their living room.

The cable was clipped along the wall, and enters through the wall into the living room behind their television. There is a small masthead amplifier power supply behind the television which powers the amplifier up on the pole through the coaxial cable. This ensures that the signal is boosted at the aerial end before the cable run for the least amount of loss.

Connecting an amplifier at the TV end would most probably not result in any improvement of signal as the cable run will always lose some of the signal.

The resulting reception was a Signal Quality figure of 100% on all Freeview channels, something which the customer was very pleased with as they did not have the full Freeview service before, relying on indoor aerials and an ageing satellite set up.

Thank you for the work you did today, we’re really pleased with everything. The installation of a new aerial and the YouView box was done to the highest standard and you will be strongly recommended.
Mr Anderson, Bideford

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