TV Reception in Croyde

Croyde is a small village located in North Devon, between many hills. Many houses are located around the centre of the village.

Many people will know that there is a TV relay for Croyde, and the majority of people who get their reception through an aerial will get their television reception from this transmitter on Ora Hill.

This transmitter is called a ‘Freeview Light’ transmitter. This means that it only broadcasts the Public Service broadcasts, which are transmissions from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and 5.

However, in a large part of Croyde, it is actually possible to receive alternative transmitters, which one will depend on which side of the valley you live in. This will give you the full freeview service, which has dozens of channels, from popular entertainment channels like Dave, Pick TV, Drama, Challenge, True Entertainment, Really, Quest, movie channel Movie Mix, music channels VIVA and 4 Music, and also BT Sport if you are a BT Vision subscriber.

We really are the experts on TV Reception in Croyde. Don’t just settle for the limited Freeview channels the Croyde transmitter has to offer, get Croyde Aerials to (if possible) install a new aerial to receive the full Freeview channel line up.

For more information on this, and for a free assessment of your reception options, please contact us or phone 07973139804 to find out more.

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