TV Reception in Barnstaple North Devon

Croyde Aerials are the TV aerial installation specialists for Barnstaple, North Devon. We know the ins and outs of Freeview Reception in Barnstaple Town, and all surrounding areas.

Generally speaking, the reception in Barnstaple is very good, served by the Huntshaw Cross transmitter. In most places, we may be able to do a loft installation, subject to signal strength, especially the northern side up towards the hospital, Pilton, and in the town centre the signal is always fairly good. Going up bear street, up to the Gorwell and Forches estate, the signal is very strong and can often be achieved with a loft installation where necessary.

Sticklepath, the eastern side near the hill, and especially sticklepath terrace have always struggled with reception from Huntshaw Cross which doesn’t reach down into this valley very well at all. In the past, several houses at the bottom of sticklepath hill used to receive their signal from the Swimbridge relay!

Thankfully there is a relay for Barnstaple these days, located at Goodleigh Rise. This serves most of the sticklepath area and central Barnstaple town with a very good signal, however only has the half freeview service with limited channels. If more are required, then we will either use our extensive test equipment to see if a signal from Huntshaw Cross is achievable with a high gain aerial, if not then we can provide a Freesat dish and box to give subscription-free services through a satellite dish.

Roundswell can struggle with signal, due to the hill to the south going out on the torrington road. The Barnstaple relay transmitter is useful to receive the basic freeview channels here. In many places in Roundswell, Huntshaw is receivable but requires a high gain aerial and a loft installation won’t suffice. We can advise you on which equipment you require – call us today on 07973 139804 for all your TV reception needs in Barnstaple.

Croyde Aerials – your TV aerial installation in Barnstaple experts!

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