TV Aerial Installation in Westward Ho

Croyde Aerials are your expert TV aerial installers for the Westward Ho area. We know the ins and outs of the signal situation in the area, and can get you a perfect signal on your TV, whether you live in Westward Ho, Appledore, Northam, Abbotsham, we are your aerial installers who know exactly how to get you a perfect signal on your TV set.

For Freeview reception in Westward Ho itself, anywhere down over the hill on the western side will struggle to receive a signal from the main Huntshaw Cross transmitter near Torrington due to the hill to the south. However, there is a relay situated at the water works at the top of Bay View road, Buckleigh, overlooking Westward Ho. It is therefore possible to receive this for the local news region to receive the Spotlight and West Country programmes.

However if you wish to receive channels such as ITV3, Dave, Quest, Yesterday, Movie Mix, etc, then you will need a second aerial in Westward Ho to receive a signal from a transmitter across the water in Wales which gives an excellent signal in some of Westward Ho, and this aerial can be combined with the reception from the Bay View Road mast into one lead going down to your TV or amplifier system. Depending on the side of Westward Ho you live, this will give the best results rather than the very poor signal from Huntshaw Cross.

In Northam, the situation is easier with Huntshaw Cross being receivable for most of the village with a high gain aerial where necessary. The same goes for Abbotsham, parts down in the bottom of the village may struggle with a signal from Huntshaw Cross but Freesat could be a good option to get more channels.

In Appledore, depending where you live, the western side towards Skern Lodge and Watertown, find it difficult to receive Huntshaw Cross due to the hills to the south and may need a high gain aerial, or may only receive the Buckleigh / Westward Ho transmitter. In this case, more channels will be available on Freesat with a dish.

If you live in Westward Ho, Appledore, or Northam and wish to chat with us about your TV reception requirements, then feel free to call us on 07973139804 today!

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