Poor or Weak Mobile Phone Signal in Ilfracombe

There are ongoing issues with weak or no phone signal in Ilfracombe, North Devon, especially in the town centre and sea front areas. All the networks seem to be affected, as their masts are evidently not positioned in locations which favour the whole town. Also due to the built-up nature of Ilfracombe, with its many large victorian-era houses, and tightly packed high street, all adds to signal problems.

Another problem is that there are many masts within line-of-sight from Ilfracombe on the South wales coast, which all can help to confuse your handset and interfere with signals. This is an unlikely cause, but is apparent.

The main networks have started their 4G rollout plans, which involve upgrading existing masts at Marlborough Road, at the football ground, the Slade TV mast, and the Chambercombe mast. Transmissions will still cover a similar area, but will potentially give a more reliable service due to different frequencies used.

Here at Croyde Aerials, we can install boosters to give you better mobile phone coverage, saving you missing calls and giving you a great phone signal wherever you live in Ilfracombe. We mount a small aerial on the outside of your property, one cable running inside, then another aerial inside the property. This will give you a great signal inside your house allowing you to use your mobile phone inside – no more balancing the phone on the window sill or hanging out of the window to make calls!

If you are interested in finding out your options for a Mobile Phone Booster in Ilfracombe, please contact Croyde Aerials today on 07973 139804!

We are the Mobile Phone Signal in Ilfracombe specialists!

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