Freeview HD installation in Woolacombe

Today we installed a Freeview HD box and brand new TV aerial and distribution system, feeding 6 bedrooms at a property in Woolacombe, North Devon.

The customer was the owner of a Bed and Breakfast property and wanted TVs in all their bedrooms. Previously, they used a very old television aerial with splitters and achieved a very poor signal on all TVs.

We installed a brand new aerial and all fixings – a chimney bracket with new aluminium pole to replace the ageing hardware on their roof which was becoming very unsafe due to corrosion – something which should be taken care of before failure to save the hassle of having to get the roof repaired if the whole thing collapses!

We were able to get a very good signal from Caradon Hill full freeview transmitter (previously they only had the limited channel line up from the Woolacombe TV relay,) and they were very happy with the quality of signal on all TVs.

If you are interested in what we can offer, or for a free check up and quote for replacement of your TV aerial / hardware, then give Croyde Aerials a call today on 07973 139804!

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